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New Audi Skin for RR

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  • New Audi Skin for RR

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm new here but I read the forum since 1 year. I attached the Main Menu Screen from my customized Alpine Skin. If anyones Interested just give me a shout and i'll put it on the server.


    Audi S6 2.2 Turbo

    RNS-E Headunit
    Helix HX400=AXTON Amp
    Audi Doorspeakers and 15" JBL in Sparewheel Hole
    19" Alutec Alloys, ABT-Silencer, FK-Suspension

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    nice attempt but not for me as too loud. More for the TT etc.

    My b5 A4 has a black interior with red lighting- the brushed skin with red glow is classy and just right.


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      where can i download it


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        This post is over 2 yrs old.
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          Originally posted by ThunderStick View Post
          This post is over 2 yrs old.
          Not to mention there is a proper MMI skin that would better suit the Audi nuts out there.

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            At least he's searching :P
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