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    Hello All,

    I went ahead and modified the skin the way I like it. Basically, I added the play/paude, next, previous and volume control buttons to the GPS screen of my skin, and they work perfectly on the music player, but not on the XM screen. I would like to be able to change channels on XM when I am using XM and change tracks when using Music while looking at the Navi. Is that possible, ot must I add more/seperate buttons on the Navi screen to control XM?

    Another curious issue. I started with a Skin that when one presses Radio on the Main Menu, it pops up a submenu to choose FM or XM. I don't have FM, so I attempted to modify the Main Menu skin/button to go straight to XM. WHen it does, the Exit submenu (You know the one with Hiberntae, Exit, Shutdown, etc...) shows for a brief second, and then I get to the XM screen. When I attempt to exit the XM screen and get backto the Main Menu, by hitting the "arrow" button, the Exit Submenu shows again, and it gets locked there. I can't exit, shutdown, or anything. Any ideas what I have done wrong.

    Thanx for the help,
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    I went ahead and modified the skin the way I like it.
    I have no Idea how that is, so it would help to have a little more detail on it or perhaps see it (JPGs+.SKIN)...

    Also, the command to load XM is simply: "XM" -- you probably copied the "XM||EXIT" code from the menu that was never intended to be outside that menu. You'd be better off reading "skin commands.txt" instead of doing everything from current skins.. it would at least give you a better perspective of all you can/can't do..
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