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Been playing with flash again :-)

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  • Been playing with flash again :-)

    had a few hours free tonight so I decided to have another play with flash. I'm just making a templete at the mo, which everything else will be based around. It has my slide in menu (click on volume slider on left) Its just basic at the mo, with afew button presses working. The top box is for music details, and the top right box if for some nice vis bars. remember its for touchscreen, but I'm doing it in 800x600, so it will look better than what is does now. anyway i'm in no rush to complete it.. no requests are welcome :-p . I still have freedrive to finish up and get ver 0.70 out of the way (next few days) but want a break from it so thought I would start a skin.

    anyway let me know what you think

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    I dig the idea, layout, and animations, but not necessarily the graphics. Looks sweet though man.
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      looks good, whens the release?
      (perhaps the buttons at the bottom could be bigger!?!)


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        Damn you and your creativity!!!

        Nice work. Keep 'em coming.

        Now, I'm off to learn me some skinning skills.
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          That looks awesome... I assume you intend to show the Phone connection and the GPS lock in the top right indicators.. pretty neat idea... I like the fact that you made the entire buttons in Flash.. with that, you can officially perform cool stuff like play a quick 1-2 secs animation before the fscommand itself is called (This is what another skinner asked me awhile ago).
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            ok.. been playing alittle more, decided to scrap the moving in menu for 2 reasons.. 1 takes up lots of cpu power.. 2 it stops you putting any embedded stuff where it slides out to..

            anyway heres a pick of the single menu I've nearly finished..

            let me know what you think..

            O. btw the lcd display ( the blank bit under the playlist ) is for FreeDrive, it will display the current road, but if you are in routing mode, it will give you directions and distance to the next turning. The ETA / ETR at the top displays the visual also, so if your not routing again, u can just turn on the viz making sure all the space is used.


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              Wow. I've been working on something sort of like this lately, but dude, you just blew me away. Nice work (though I can't stand the little animated thing on the left, drives me crazy!)!
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                very nice!
                But I don't use freedrive
                Nevertheless, great work!!



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                  Looks dandy to me
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                    I Want I Want I Want!!!!!
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                      ok got the basic outside done.. spent abit of time today doing it.. now the rest should flow quite fast..

                      Already done the audio player and browser, and made a start on the gps (see below)

                      I should manage the video player and browser and a skin for freedrive tomorrow..

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                        ok finished Audio
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                          and video
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                            and the main gps skin.. just got the address input on FD to do..
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                              Looking excellent. A front end created with flash opens up all sorts of possibilities for sweet animations etc.

                              Keep up the good work...

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