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HELP ... Maker of Skin Preview or anyone

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  • HELP ... Maker of Skin Preview or anyone

    Looking at the picture shown above, how do i move the PHOTO Album to the Other side of the screen/collumn??
    Because of this, i am not able to see what song i would like to add from that Folder/Album please help. I'm looking thru the general.ini files and other ones too, but do not know the answer to my little problem

    anyhelp will be appreciated.

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    Open the skin on skin Editor, select the Audio browser from the menu, click on the square at the area of the album art... use the keyboard to move/size it where you want it.. may be very useful for you to read the (sticky) skinning tutorials threads...
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      sorry...just confusing with all these clutter. but thanks...i got my questions answered and problem solved

      thanks ALOT for ur help...i appreciate it