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how to get rid of the AVS Visu border???

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  • how to get rid of the AVS Visu border???


    Visu works fine for me, but theres one prob question. how can i emmbed the avs visu without showing the border of the visu-window???

    i checked all settings in the rrConfig but nothing helped.

    is this feature not available in rr yet or did i something wrong???
    if its not available, i had some code for a wrapper to replace the avs-border...

    oh, i'm usin winamp 2.9.

    bye hematec

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    Try getting the newest AVS plugin... and verify that RRConfig is selected onto AVS (and not OTHER)... RR just cuts off the border of the plugin using API... but I don't believe this feature works on older machines 98/Me..
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      I got the latest winamp ver5.111, and configured in RR.ini visuname=AVS, and also choose AVS in winamp. However the window bar is still there, even if I use classic skin.

      I can get milkdrop to embbed without any boarders or bars, but not AVS.

      Also, the AVS editor always comes up even though I disabled it and it will pop up blocking the visu window again. whats up with that? I am also using the latest oct 31 ver of RR.