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BMv2 Mappoint 800 * 480 .Skin Files

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  • BMv2 Mappoint 800 * 480 .Skin Files

    For those of you who use Mappoint in RR probably know that most of the fancy new skins don't include mappoint support. Here's a solution:

    The Brushed Metal skin has Mappoint support and can be used with any other skin by simply copying all the mappoint files from the BM folder to your skin of choices skin folder.

    However if your like me using 800 x 600 screen res you'll run into some problems. Most of the skins out there are made at 800 x 480 and in order to get RR to display the skin correctly you have to edit the general.ini to 800 x 600 in the skin folder.

    Here in lies another problem, because the mappoint skins were designed at 800 x 600 and in the general.ini you must first specify the original skin res, which would be 800 x 480, you must first change the size of all the mappoint .jpg's to 800 x 480 by using adobe or windows image editor (comes with windows). This gets RR to display the BM mappoint skin correctly, however the button mappings are messed up and I had to re-align them using the RR skinning program.

    I attached the .skin files here so all you'd have to do is re-size the mappoint .jpg's and toss them into the skin folder.

    I'm just posting so someone out there doesn't have to do all that work.

    Attached Files
    Progress [I will seriously never be done!]
    Via EPIA MII
    512MB RAM
    OEM GPS (embedded)
    nLite WinXP pro on
    1GB Extreme III CF card
    Carnetix 1260 startup/ DC-DC regulator
    Software: Still, re-Writing my existing front end in .Net