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Skin creation in Macromedia Fireworks???

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  • Skin creation in Macromedia Fireworks???


    Complete newbie, and just a few questions....

    1 can skins for RR be created using fireworks?

    Reason I ask is....the creation of jpegs associated with slices works very well from this, so it is very easy to create a nice looking picture. I'm assuming I then use the skin editor to wrestle this into an actual working skin...

    So far so good...I personally prefer it to Photoshop, so wondered if any of you experts would shed some light on to it.

    I've got a VW Touareg and using a skin developed for Frodoplayer, butchered this together: Night and Day

    (PS - Thanks to crsseyednsmilin for giving me the inspiration and a file to start with)

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    Okay still playing with the basics...seems to be working for the first screen

    Let me know your thoughts

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      Very nice I was actually looking at skin in frodo and was thinking of bringing it over to rr
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        you dont need to make image slices to make skins in RR. there are no seperate elements for each button, just for the whole screen. So all your graphics for the look of the screen are in one file, all graphics for the on state are in one file, and so on. Technicaly, you can use any image software you want.
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 I read that bit you just create the outline jpeg?
          How do you go about showing when a button is pressed?, does it act like a web-page and depress - or is it static?

          Is it easier to do the whole thing in Photoshop??

          I've read the tutorial and must have mis-read a few things... can anyone point out a thread which is an idiots guide to the basics..............I WILL CRACK THIS THING.




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            There are upto four images that make a skin.


            down is the whole image but with buttons as if they were down.
            off is the whole image with the buttons off
            on is the whole image with the mouse over the button.
            empty is without the buttons (not always used)