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  • Complete set of PSD's Files

    Hi There,
    I am new to all of this, well the software side anyway, I am pulling my hair out because I have downloaded the psd files from cruise24-7 for brushed metal and aluminium as well as the zipped jpeg files.
    When I check the psd files there only 33 and when I check these against the jpegs there are 119 has anyone got a full set of psd files so I can change the outer glow colours to add green and amber, then once done I would post these back to forum, or could someone please explain to me where I seem to be going wrong much appreciated for any replies.

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    There are problem more screens in each PSD file. Have you gone through them? The designer may not have saved each screen on different files. I may be wrong though.

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      Hi Civic03,
      Have checked the psd files and files like call, choose_number and weather PSD files are not included, so when it comes to trying to change the colours or look of the skin it will not be fully done.
      Cheers for replying.


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        There are numerous explainations why JPGs would greatly outnumber PSDs. One is the PSDs are incomplete as you have eluded to. However, it may also be that

        1. JPGs are including jpg images used on PSD files, IE, button icons etc.
        2. The author did not great seperate PSDs for each state of the skin, IE Down, off, on, empty, rather maybe just made one psd and saved the changes made as JPG.
        3. Perhaps the author didn't create his or her own screen for everything, perhaps some screens were taking from other skins and left as JPGs.
        4. Check for duplicates and backups within the JPG folder.

        I don't really think there should be many more than 30-something PSDs. I've only got 36 on my skin so far, I'm nearly done.
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          Thanks J187, I realised a little while after posted the thread that what you say in 2 and 3 was the most likely answer to my dilemma.
          Cheers for the response.