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  • FlashDeck

    Skin Progress: Revising

    How to install

    1) Get the BETA v1.2 Here (extract anywhere you please)
    2) extract "reboot.exe" to your RoadRunner directory
    3) extract the "weather" folder to your RoadRunner directory (for weather support)
    4) add the following to your KeyTbl.ini: 4081,"EXIT" (for iG support)
    5) Run FlashDeck and click on "FlashDeck Config" under "MENU->INFO->FlashDeck Config"

    NOTE: At the moment, this skin only works with flash player version 8 or earlier.

    Customized logo Tutorial Here

    comments/suggestions and donations are more than welcome
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    looks great


    • #3
      file does not work on any of my video players....real player, windows media, or winamp...what gives.....???

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        What's the video codec you used?
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          u guys may need this:

          @Dinasty: I'm not sure of your intentions for the bottom of the screen, but I'd like to see the current song + other info on there (suggestion).. also what happened to the cool playlist editing you showed me before ? did you separate the lists ?
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            TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC) did the trick. Thanks guino.

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            PowerVoice v1 | NaviVoice Source
            GammaControl v2.4
            SKINbedder v3

            1995 Lexus SC300


            • #7
              still doesn't work for me.

              edit: nevermind, works with quicktime.

              edit2: ok, but no audio, with quicktime.
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                Nice and simple, like it!
                But will this dragging work good with a touchscreen?
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                • #9
                  Sorry bout the codec. I will try another format for the next vid.

                  @Guino: Yeah, the playlist is separate now but will probably have those same effects on it. As for the bottom, there will be the Visu, Clearlist, Search, Eq, Open (playlist), Save (playlist) ect... I think I can fit the current song either on the very bottom or on the top bar. Still many buttons to add though and i don't want it to get cluttered.

                  @0l33l: and that's only about 1/4 of my desktop.. guess i should run that cleanup wizard huh.

                  TBH, I'm not sure that it will work out on a TS. But it should considering that you only have to drag the song slot a very short distance to add it. also, if your in a directory you can also just click to add it. (not shown)
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                    cant someone just screenshot it for us using paralyzed computers (i.e via 800s lol)
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                    • #11
                      1 Word: WHOW

                      Looks like this is gona be better then iRunner, but when does iRunner get finished ?


                      • #12
                        Looks good and I'd like to see the rest really how ever I'm not sure how much use drop and drag will be in a car enviroment.... very clever though.


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                          impressive work dinasty and guino.
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                            Looks great! Definitely looks like it has major potential.

                            For those who need the codec...


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                              I am behind a proxy and have no other internet connection, can someone please post a screen shot.