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  • XEON - Skin Preview

    [24 April 2006] UPDATE

    Updated version uploaded.. Reduced the amount of cpu load on the browser screen, fixed a couple of issues that I noticed and I'm now happy with the screens I've done so far and will not be touching them again (I hope) I am now going to to a skin and status screen which should be ready again in a couple of days.

    Grab it HERE

    Please remember to read all of this FIRST post so you know how to use it.
    I have also updated the screenshots below.



    [22 April 2006] UPDATE

    Just uploaded a new version, this fixs the lockups/slowgo some of you were having on the audio_browser screen. I have also changed the way the audio browser shows its song list, it now shows the mp3 tags rather than the file name :-) Guino helped me test and work through the problems and also helped me understand just how its ment to work :-)

    I have fixed a couple of things I noticed as well..

    anyway read below for things you need / can do with this skin. have fun Grab it HERE

    [20 April 2006] UPDATE

    Ok first sorry for the delay, I ment to get this skin done alot faster, but I didnt count for both my lads falling ill with chickenpox.. O well at least its all over and done now, :-)

    OK.. I have added afew things, altered alot of things and just been playing with the general layout iin the car.

    I have added a LOCKOUT screen, the default PASSWORD is '111' you can change this in the menu.txt file, you can also make this lockout screen come on as soon as RR boots or just leave it off, but you can still access it from the options menu. The Status menu doesnt do anything as yet, just remember the menu is always activated by tapping bottom middle, the volume by tapping bottom right and the playbar from bottom left.

    You can change the colour on the fly as before, I have used the latest ini path in the latest RR so the path will always be right now.

    Things to make sure...
    1. your running the latest RR version
    2. your running the latest Flash Player

    current know faults, on the GPS FD screen with the current RR release a ; appears after the custom labels, this stops the flash changing when routing Guino has fixed this for the next release.

    anyway let me know what you think.. improvements etc.. grab it from HERE

    Skully :-)

    [17 March 2006] UPDATE

    Might of fixed a problem a few peeps were having where the browser was locking RR up, if you were one, please download and test the new version HERE

    [15 March 2006] UPDATE

    Very Alpha version uploaded to test, only contains Main, Audio, Audio Browser. Grab it .. (see above)

    Configure :- If needed set your path in menu.txt so the colour changer works... (&cpath=C:\Program Files\Road Runner\skins\XEON\colour.EXE&)

    ok if it freeze when you press the audio browser then you need to UPDATE your flash player..


    1. Open up Internet Exploer (not firefox or any other browser)
    2. Then click on
    3. Try RR again.

    You will need the LATEST RR installed for the playlists to work right.. so dont be a muppet and post that they dont :-)

    known problems - Albumart not showing in browser (rr's fault, waiting on the main man fixing it :-) )

    Please let me know what you think..

    [14 March 2006] UPDATE

    NEW AVI... HERE 14 March 2006 (Divx Format)


    This will be released in afew weeks I hope, its a simple skin, with not many components, but I will be releasing anything thats required to help anyone make extra ones.

    Its a Flash based skin (done in swishmax) , so for all of you with higher based carpc's then the little epias.. then this is for you :-)

    I myself am running a AMD 3000+ Sempron and it runs ACE on it..

    Below is a old AVI taken so you can see what effects that were included a few days ago. I have since changed acouple of things and progressed and finished a couple more components. I am at present working on the GPS part.

    The AVI is encoded in a mpeg 2 standard, so you will need something like powerdvd 6 to play it.


    Attached are a few pics..

    I will be releasing 4 colours.. Red / Orange / Blue / Green.... <-EDIT more like 1 million colours.. set via a simple txt file :-)

    Red being the first. Then bug fixes then once I'm happy the rest will follow. I say bug fixs as these just arnt pictures but scripted flash.

    Attached Files
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    CDR stop making so much nice skins, you make the rest of us look like beginners!

    As I said before, very nice! Any idea when we can get our hands on it?


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      Good name... very enlighting....

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        im doing backflips here coz i use swish very often...i know nothing on flash this is excellent news since this skin is off the hook !!!!!!!!!!! Cheers

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          LOST :P

          Nice skin!


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            yeah lost is awesome, just got ep 13 to watch :-) S02 of course

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              If you want to view the AVI on a mac, download mplayer osx.

              Skin looks rockin.
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                Originally posted by CdRsKuLL
                yeah lost is awesome, just got ep 13 to watch :-) S02 of course



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                  Any news about this wonderfull skin CdRsKuLL??
                  Can't wait to try this one


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                    I've been playing a little, doing bits on FD and also bits on this skin. I lost the audio master file because I overwrote it with the GPS one by mistake, so I've re-done that. I have also added a colour.txt which will hold the colour of the skin. This will make it very easy to change the skin to what ever colour you want :-)

                    I have also added a colour effect as well.. infact f'it, if you want to have a look and let me know what you think, try the audio one for yourself :-)

                    As I said.. work in progress.. no where near finished, but let me know what u.. or anyone thinks.

                    ok.. to install this audio part do the following

                    1. Goto your RoadRunner Skin Directory and copy any working skin ( so you have say 'Copy of MC2.0' folder now
                    2. unzip the folder and drop the contents into the copied skin folder
                    3. change to that skin in RR and let me know what you think of the audio page.

                    note.. The Playlist colour doesnt change if you change the colour.txt file as yet...

                    Grab it from

                    Things I still need to add are timeout's on the slide in menus and I have some other bits I need to play with.. FD GPS popup directions maybe :-)

                    think thats all you need

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                      Wow CdR!! I really like how you can change the colors on the fly like that. Also, the border effects are really nice. One suggestion though, the skin runs fine on my desktop, but on my P4 2.8 laptop, I was getting a constant 100% CPU load. I think It might be the border effects but I'm not positive. Any chance you could make the border effects optional?
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                        there are ways of making a full screen flash page look amazing at like 30 fps ive seen websites running full screen tons of stuff going on and hardly any cpu usage i wish i knew the secret to optimizing flash code i need to get some books on it or something

                        looks amazing so far my cpu is at like 71% tho without music playing just running the file . if i find the answer to optimization ill let you know
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                          Originally posted by DiNASTY
                          Wow CdR!! I really like how you can change the colors on the fly like that. Also, the border effects are really nice. One suggestion though, the skin runs fine on my desktop, but on my P4 2.8 laptop, I was getting a constant 100% CPU load. I think It might be the border effects but I'm not positive. Any chance you could make the border effects optional?
                          Hi fella.. yeah on my xeon machine it works great, on my carputer.. jezz it lags like hell, so I have binned the boarder effects..

                          now I have two choices.. either to play with playlists, dir lists and flash like you have.. or make a simple vb program that edits the skin files so it changes the colours on the lists to match the colours set in the txt file. Cant decide to be honest.. I have a feeling the VB option is the more simpler, but if I can get the playlists in flash it opens up more options. I have done the change of colours on the audio player and audio list so far.. the others wont take long at all now really..

                          How you getting on with yours ? looking forward to seeing it :-)

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                            This skin is tooo hot man.....CDR could you please let me have the swi file?? pretty please...all i need is the one you have so far so that i can see how you have coded the fscommands. Cheers m8t

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                              on (press) {
                              on (release,releaseOutside) {

                              easy really :-) I will be releasing them with the skin.. just got lots to do on it atm
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