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Logo wont show up!

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  • Logo wont show up!

    I have modified the simplistique skin to suit my liking but I am having one weird problem. When I load RR on my desktop everything works great the logo is exactly how it should be. Then when I copy that skin directly over to my carputer no logo shows up. The logo is a non animated GIF file and everything else in the skin is a JPG but I cant use a JPG because it doesnt have the transparency I need. Let me know what might be the problem.

    BTW The skin is amazing!!!!! (I only changed colors/logos)

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    I'm assuming that if you're using a GIF logo, that you used the IMG definition in to display it ? If so, copying the skin from one computer to the other could potentially mean that you have the file in different paths like C:\Program Files\Road Runner on your desktop and c:\Road Runner\ on your carputer.. then it's possible that the IMG definition has a full path also and won't work until you changed it... bottom line.. check the darn IMG definition, and make sure the GIF file is in the place that it points to.
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      The paths are identical on both computers, and I can get the original logo to show up if I use the original logo.swf file that is in the same directory. Is there someway I may have saved it in photoshop or something? I tried a different *.gif file and that didnt work either and I tried a different *.swf file and that worked. Very strange, maybe I will see what I can do to convert the image to a .swf file. I'll keep trying.


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        I copied the logo I wanted directly on to the skin backgrounds. Thats works for me. So I guess its "fixed"