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Some RR Queries -BMW Ibus / Sound Card issues)

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  • Some RR Queries -BMW Ibus / Sound Card issues)

    Hello All Roadrunners.

    First up I would like to y'all for the effort and dedication you've put into this hobby. A car PC is a truly amazing toy to have.

    I got a question regarding the BMW IBUS. On a OEM system with a phone, the R/T button toggles between radio / telephone menus... when on telephone mode the up / down buttoms browse the sim card.

    Is it possible to use this button to cycle between screens without using the touch screen to confirm anything i.e. I'd like to press the r/t button and cycle audio / radio / tv / video / gps.

    Would this be possible using the "switchbutton" command on the ibus.ini?

    Another question is that my line in vol (winTV radio) seems to be set at 1/3 volume every time i start radiator, so when i switch back to mp3 mode (winamp at 1/2) - i get a huge volume blast due to the difference. I've tried setting it using the various eq.pst but it doesnt seem to stay, it always resets to 1/3 volume for some reason. Is there a soundcard setting i'm missing? Using the creative x-fi music and I-drive skin btw, rr ini is set to control soundcard 2(everything else works fine and all levels stay where they're supposed to except the line in).


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