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Upcoming look: Pontiac MMI

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  • Upcoming look: Pontiac MMI

    This is a skin based on Btbe's MMI skin; modified for use in my T/A. I am also making a black & white version for day viewing. The night version uses red and orange designed to match the dash illumination in my T/A. I will be making the skins and PSD's available, I just have to finish all the screens. Here are a few preview pics:

    Night menu:

    Day menu:

    Mp3 Player:

    I might end up inverting the colors on the day skin, I need to do some testing to see what is more visible in the sun. Give me a week or so, and I should have them finished for everyone to download.

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    This was a really good start. The new logo for Brushed Metal looked good, but it was a 3rd Gen Phoenix.

    Do you still have the PSDs for this? Can you release them?
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      This is ******* great!!!!! I have a GrandAm and I have wanted a skin to match my car for so long. This is perfect!!!! Finish it man....
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        Nice coloring... I may have to use this skin when I get around to throwing a carpc in my 92 Formula...
        By the way, I have a pic that would look really good with this skin... of an orange "flaming chicken" ...
        PM me, and I'll post the pic here, so you can take a look at it.
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          Actually, I found it!
          I'm posting it just in case!
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          Project "Media-Z" : 99 Camaro Z28 (Click to View)


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            It's not an effing chicken, dammit. It's a Phoenix.

            Look at the beak. It's a bird of prey. Not common poultry. That is about the most irritating and insulting BS I can think of. And (as you might be able to tell) a pretty big pet peeve of mine. lol (It's actually most likely in the Hawk family too. Falcons and Eagles are similar, but slightly different.)

            Originally posted by 1977 Trans Am commercial
            It's family name - Firebird. An Indian symbol that promises youth, beauty, and strength.
            The Phoenix is the Quetzal Bird, the companion of Quetzalcoatl
            (and symbolizes - Solar; blessings; happiness)

            In Russian Mythology it left a feather behind, causing a prince to go on a mission to return it, and got a wish granted in return.

            It's present in Japanese, Chinese, and Hindu mythology as well, and the Chrisitans also adopted it.

            Nice pic though. But that's a 2nd Gen Phoenix. (a '73 variant by the looks of it - modified of course)

            (Thine is Irish Gaelic for Fire. Any guesses what …an is? )
            Planning stage..... Watching. Waiting. ....Scheming.