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Skin Release "RAD" Beta 1 Flash Based

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  • Skin Release "RAD" Beta 1 Flash Based

    Release of the swishmax source for the audio screen grab it HERE

    Thought I would get a beta out of the RAD skin before I go away on business, I wont be around for a couple of weeks so rather than waiting I will release it in a beta format.. the main components are there, but the ones that arnt have been replaced for now with my MC skins.. just it just to maintain the functionality of the skin. This defo is a work in progress but does have afew new touchs with other skins dont have..

    Please read the below bit........

    1. You can configure the menu by editing the menu.txt
    2. You can set any colour you want by selecting Colour from the exit screen
    3. You can set the loudness button settings from the menu.txt
    4. You can turn OFF the audiosaver screen by setting it to off in the menu.txt
    5. You can change the background by just changing one picture.. 'audio_off.jpg' (change the picture of the women for your car logo'
    6. You can change the image in the screensaver (when no art is present) by changing the background.jpg

    Just have a play.. I will be doing a main screen when I figure out just what I want there.. for now it just directs you to the audio screen..

    anyway just have play thats the best way..

    make sure your running the latest RR version and the latest flash version..

    Guino has added a command to support the way i'm using hte audio_browser.. but until thats released I have added whats needed to the RR source and also uploaded it.. so you will need the skin and the patched RR file.. this will then allow you to swap back and forth between the audio and radio screens without problems..


    1. Grab the skin
    2. Grab the updated rr file

    Please visit the freedrive site and click on some links to support the cost of the server and bandwidth if you like the skins I do..

    cheers peeps and let me know what you think

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    O yeah..

    To enable the vis on the audio page, just click on the album cover (AVS set in roadrunner)

    If your using FreeDrive change the sdk.ini file in the freedrive folder so its set like...


    thanks about it I think

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      Tried thin in the car tonight and runs superbly on my setup which you already know is the same as yours. I shall be in the car a lot next week so I can give it a good test. Any problems I will send errors to you.

      Thanks again for a superb skin.


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        Your skins are always awesome. I just wish your driver seat was on the opposite side so some button placements would be more US-driver-friendly
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          Originally posted by ppgt94
          Your skins are always awesome. I just wish your driver seat was on the opposite side so some button placements would be more US-driver-friendly
          lets send him drugs and make him program disorientated
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            I'm amazed how well it runs on my crappy Celeron 1.2Ghz laptop.. great job! Also, the test version on the release thread should work fine with this (it did on my tests here).
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              ok.. thanks for the comments.. as mentioned this is very much a work in progress. On using it for a few days in the car I will be adding / changing the below things..

              Moving the audiosaver on/off to the options menu, making it easy to turn it on/off, changing the loud button from text to a light. So instead of it saying on/off it will have a coloured light, will also do this on the new screensaver button.

              I will be moving / binning the counter on the screensaver and putting a big clock there instead, think it will be more usful there rather than on a angle on the side.

              I'm quite happy with the other skins, and the timers I have put on.. ie. swapping back to the audio player screen from the browser screen.. changing the buttons back to the first menu etc..

              As for the clock on the screensaver, thinking about doing one of those funny clocks.. the ones where they use bars.. and stuff like some of the new lcd watchs. ideas on this will help.

              Any other suggestions / improvments to the currently done skins please post away.

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                I really liked it so far. Not sure you've noticed those points, but thought I'd mention (not that it changes how nice the skin works so far):

                -Love the album art display on the screen saver but it seems like it'd look "squeezed" vertically in the 16:9 screen (most common)
                -When you use the sliding keypad to hit a letter to jump to, if the letter is one of the last entries, it will display at the top of the list and the scroll bar displays over the down button. A simple check should be used to see if the item is within the last few in the list and display the last one as the last item of the list so the slider doesn't go over anything.
                -I love how the current song has a bigger font on the playlist (I know it's a ***** to code this), but when you scroll up/down it makes the selected font normal size. Try this: select a song to play in the middle of the list, scroll down one page, back to the page of the current song (you should see the font in normal size but hightlighted), then page up from it, and back down to the page of the current song (on my tests the song was shown as all the other songs, no highlight or bigger font) ... yeah, I know just how much work it is to get a list working propperly..
                -I miss the gestures -- I'm guessing you disabled them for testing, and hoping that you'll work that into the code later on..

                Other than that, I really like it and look forward to picking a nice background to use with it in the car. (Not that I don't appreciate the current one hahaha)
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                "Being happy is not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have."
                "The best things in life are always free - but that doesn't mean money can't buy you good things."


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                  Hi m8.. yeah still unsure about the squashed album cover, looks kinda good.. verdict still undecided.. what would be nice maybe would be the album and vis maybe but this would require moving the vis box around.

                  I have fixed the present track highlight ( I hope) and also the down scroll button. I will enable gestures when its on the playlist, but they will be disabled when on the browse list ( due to drag and drop )

                  The gestures are causing a keypress on flash.. I have added a gestureon so you can see what I mean.

                  Update HERE

                  let me know what you think

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                    Is it possible to have the gps displayed as the background whilst in screen saver mode?


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                      gps as in the map ? err maybe yeah, not really thought about this, it would require alot of coding on FD I think. Will have a think but dont expect anything soon !

                      My idea of the screensaver was to move away from distraction from driving.. + with the latest update (few posts above) you get a big clock so its easy to tell the time.

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                        XM Radio help

                        CdRsKuLL this skin is increadible as all of them are.

                        I was just wondering with other members have been using for XM support? Maybe an embedded external app? lm kinda a noob so be easy

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                          Great skin!

                          I Tested yesterday on my VIA M10000 (! yes the slow one) and it can run it without much hickups. Once everthing is openend etc... It runs very smooth. Only large moving thinks like the screensaver is difficult to process.

                          A few things I enounter:
                          1. Disabling the screensaver is not possible, I set it to "off" in the config file
                          2. GPS issues (freedrive 1.0b).
                          - The full screen button does not work (above the vertical buttons), default GPS viewport is a bit small.
                          - is there a suiteable skin for freedrive that matches this skin?

                          More testing will follow...
                          Soon I will take a 3000Km trip, the ultimate testdrive...
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                            no back drop

                            have the updates for RR and newist skin. but once i installed the rr update lost the ability to have that nice looking ladie as my back drop. even when i click on album art there is nothing to select. Someone help i like the ladie just for the fact that my wife doesn't. Thanks.


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                              update your flash in IE
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