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Chucks skin III

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  • Chucks skin III

    download was updeted

    Now with a little help in the setup menu.
    Now with bottom button hold to run any command from preset you pick – so you can choose from18 skins to run from a single button press.
    Added vehicle maintenance skin.
    Added checklist skin.
    Added Sirius skin.
    Added GPS speed volume control setup skin.
    Simpler audio fav preset button label change.
    And the list goes on.

    Remember you can make any bottom button any thing you want from the setup menu
    So that’s 9 buttons with 4 presets = 36 .

    You can add the (ADD TO rr.ini) file to the rr.ini file to get you started.
    Attached Files
    2001 S10 ZR2

    Chucks Skin - to old

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    Here is an updated ExecTBL.ini File

    The other one had a problem if you push and hold the same button a second time
    2001 S10 ZR2

    Chucks Skin - to old