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Advanced Browse.rrl question

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  • Advanced Browse.rrl question

    Well it maybe isn't advanced but it doesn't seem to be in the forum anywhere so I thought I would ask.

    The problem I am having is. I am using browse.rrl to display virtual folders from my music. My setup is this. My browse file is located in c:\rrbrowse (which obviously my music folder in rr.ini points to). The browse entries point to specific folders in c:\media\. Problem is if I click on say albums in browse it takes me to c:\media\playlists which holds sub folders for each letter of the alphabet. The problem is once here I am able to back out to the root.

    So my question is is there anyway to stop this bearing in mind I need the back feature but from the c:\media\playlists folder it needs to back to c:\rrbrowse not c:\media? pathlimit=true doesn't work.


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    Woops, Sorry just realised I put this in completely the wrong section. Can an Admin please move?


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      Hey Cruizer, there is an option in rr.ini that does this, try setting


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        As I understand it, RR doesnt allow this to happen. Going back will simply take you up a folder level, not back to the folder the RRL file is placed in. And I think the pathlimit will only work if you are within the path set in the config. It will need to be programmed into RR to detect when a browse.rrl is used and somehow remember the path.

        I too would like to see this feature added
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          You could just place another Browse.rrl file in C:\media\playlists and have it point to c:\rrbrowse