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  • Newbe first skin attempt

    This is all new to me, Car PC, photoshop and skinning so i'm just trying to lay everything out how I think it should go it is still a long way from done any suggestions welcome. Also this site rocks I found this site about a month ago and I'v already got my carputer up and running thanks for all the great info you guys supply on here, anyways he are some screens go easy on me LOL.
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    Inside Tip..
    Make just one screen and look at it at sunlight and night to see what it looks like. Looks to me there is not enough contrast.
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      I was worried about that. Thats why i tried to make the buttons look like they are lit.I tried red and other colors but nothing I liked. The screen in my car for the moment at least is not a VGA so the picture isn't that great anyway. so I thought a vga would help.


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        How's this for contrast LOL!
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          It stinks and I don't like it.....

          ok, that wasn't very constructive. Add some depth to your buttons so everything doesn't look flat, choose a less obnoxious background, and a legible font.

          and keep working on it. Skinning is a PITA but well worth it when you can drive around and proudly say, "i made that"


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            No offense, but you need a spell checker too. EQUALIZER is misspelled.

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              you should call it..... "RoadHazard"

              maybe a solid black background would make things easier to see too
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                I say stick with the first layout. Maybe use a 1 pixel stroke to outline the sliders and sliderbars and maybe a innner shadow on the tabs to give it a little depth. Also try white fonts in Your track list with a red selected track. might give it a little more contrast. Just some ideas.

                I like it so far though.