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    I'm working on my second skin, let me know what you guys think. My wife doesn't like it and if it's not wife approved, then nobody's happy, right? Anyways, I thought it was looking good and planned on sharing it but so far I only have a few screens and the basic audio working. I need more of a day skin since my Conceptii was hard to read in direct sunlight and I wanted something a little more modern looking. I only made two screen shots of the main screen and the main screen muted. Let me know your thoughts on it! Thanks all.

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    I think it's great! I have one comment though... I think there are too many fonts and font sizes in there. Can we see what it looks like with normalized fonts?
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      Yeah, I'm still looking at which fonts look cool and are still easy to read. I kinda like that GE Dover. I haven't even loaded it in the car yet, just testing on the laptop so there is a lot of finish work left on just the main screen. Once I get the standard layout finalized then the rest of the screens will go by quicker. Give me a little bit and I'll try to post an updated main screen.



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        How's this?
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          Originally posted by mikeyr68 View Post
          How's this?
          You need to make the song names with a bigger font size. Too small for a touchscreen while driving.
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            I'll give that a try but that part of the screen was really just to notify of upcoming or previously played songs. I'll make a true playlist screen next. Is there a way to make it show just the song title? I tried the RR.ini file, the RR config tool, and no matter what it still kept it as artist-title.

            Or maybe there is a way to have it display the list as:

            Title 1
            (artist 1)
            Title 2
            (artist 2)


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              Switching TAG information

              In the RR Config utility, under music, it allows you customize how the list looks using the MP3 Tags. You need to set both of them Playlist & Browser to the style that you want.

              Normally, "Title - Artist" is fine for normal albums Other times, on Various artist albums, you want to see "Artist - Title"

              To remedy this, I placed a button on the Skin I am working on with the following code:

              PHP Code:
              "DLFORMAT;%title%||SWITCHBUTTON;10>>DLFORMAT;%artist% - %title%||SWITCHBUTTON;10>>DLFORMAT;%title% - %artist%||SWITCHBUTTON;10" 
              Each time the button is pressed, it cycles through:
              Artist - Title
              Title - Artist

              (The view changes instantly with each press of the button)

              This way it is easily controllable from the ausio screens, and can be set to individual tates very easily.

              NOTE: If you do not have any other "multi press" buttons on your screen, you will need to change the "SWITCHBUTTON;10" to "SWITCHBUTTON;1" in all three references.

              Hope this helps! Nice clean looking Day skin BTW, as you intended.... (I wouldnt want to use it at night though! hehehe)
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