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Sterno (day) and Gel (night) release (Roll your own colors)

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  • Sterno (day) and Gel (night) release (Roll your own colors)

    This set has the same interface as Jelly, but I moved Phoco to the main screen (and OBD to the menu) and added a 'lid' to the main screen (if you set up like the readme, it looks like the lid slides on and off as you enter sub-screens)

    The sterno (day) screens uses the RRICONS font for navigation and playback controls, and ROADRUN font for buttons (basically Neuropol that's taller and condensed to fit the buttons) You can change the label colors to your liking (and visibility)

    I also made the buttons a bit more green, since someone thought it looked like puke.

    the Gamma button on the menu switches between sterno (day) and gel (night) or whatever skins you've set up in RR.INI

    I expanded the e of the bottom buttons to stretch across the screen, they're now 90 wide, I'm able to tap them while driving easily. Can't seem to edit my posts today, so I'll post new screens.

    Yellow may be ugly, but it sure is visible in daytime.

    Besides, you can change the label colors easily, the day skin is basically an open template...all the buttons can be re-colored and re-named.

    Any other feedback on this skin? I'm suprised there's so little interest or suggestions on how to make it better.

    Find them at:

    Sterno (day)

    Gel (night)

    Sterno (Day Skin)

    Gel (Night)

    Menu (various functions)
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    Audio screen:


    Audio browser:
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      Skin color changing Utility

      A handy app for making changes to label colors, etc, is at:


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        Nice looking skin. Even better CD "Living with War" best cd ive bought this year. Long live Neil! sorry didnt mean to hijack the thread.
        '04 WRX