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    I am ready to make my first skin but it's going to function a bit differently .
    My car has steering wheel controls that are based on resistance. I have ten buttons available. 6 on the left and 4 on the right. I intend to buy a board that allows me to interpret those buttons as keypresses from this guy I should be able to use combinations of button presses on my steering wheel to provide at least 19 different keys.
    What I want to do is make a skin where the buttons are not always visible. The main menu would look like any other skin except the buttons would be drawn to look like my steering wheel buttons, but the other skins would not have buttons on them. They would be conrolled by keypresses. However to avoid having to read the manual for what button does what I would have a semi transparent jpeg as "menu_down" that would come up when a specific button was pressed to basically remind you what the buttons do on a particular screen. This would also mean that the same key would need to do diffrerent things on each screen. I know it is possible to use the exectbl.ini to make the commands do different things based on what screen is in use but I'm not sure about making keypresses have multiple meanings.

    My questions
    1: Is this overall concept even feasible?
    2: How do I assign keypresses to commands in RR
    3: Can I assign keypresses based on what .skin is loaded, and how?