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How to have a video path and a movie path?

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  • How to have a video path and a movie path?

    I want to have 2 buttons on my main menu. One called Music Video and another called Movies.
    The music videos, will only play from the videopath = c:\videos
    But I also want to put another button on my main menu called Movies, which I want to only play from a videopath = c:\movies
    I know in my videos directory I could have 2 subfolders one called music videos and another called movies, or whatever.. But I want to know if its possible to have one button go to a certain directory to play videos.. and also have a different button go to a different directory to play videos.

    Ive searched for paths, videos..etc but couldn’t find anything on separate paths for videos.

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    Music videos are classed as videos. what you could do is have two subfolders in your videos folder


    And then when you enter the video playlist load from one folder.


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      Yeah, i kinda figured that was the only way to do it.


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        You can make it load specific files automatically, but it won't refresh automatically those files unless you made some sort of script/plugin/application for it. Basically, the video player will play whatever is indicated by video.ini and videos.m3u. If you delete Videos.m3u it will cause RR to reload files from your videos path. If you replace it with a list of different files, it will cause RR to load those files instead. So it's possible to make a simple .BAT file to launch prior to the VIDEO command, that is, to rename or copy a diffrent videos.m3u file in place.
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