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Skinning. Borrowing From Other Skins?

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  • Skinning. Borrowing From Other Skins?

    How do you guys feel about the subject? Taking bits and pieces from other skins to make your own. I have done this asking permission first.

    Just wondering.

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    best to ask permission first if your going to offer it for download.
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      Normally, if you provide the credits to the original authors they're ok with it, but asking before hand is a nice practice.
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        I have no problem with this at all, in fact I think it would be a good idea to have a "Skin Bits" section where skinners could post graphics files of buttons, text areas etc so that none Graphics editors could mix 'n match there own skins, over a background of their choice.

        I use PaintDotNet for my graphics, and zPaint to give easy 3d effects for buttons etc I am not an expert graphics guru like some on this board, but using these tools, I get IMO great results.

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