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Custom Path Definitions... - best place for?

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  • Custom Path Definitions... - best place for?

    I saw an update on release 4-06-06 about using global custom paths from RR.ini within a skin.

    What is the best practice in using Custom Paths as to avoid using hard-coding in a skin, but passing as a var. Would this be to use them from RR.ini - or EXECTBL.ini.

    I am tinkering with this now and at minimum trying to get them to pass in as a label so I know they are being read.

    I also was digging into VOID and LS where a ton of var work is present but and the VAR post from Guino but still getting a feel for this.

    Thanks to all

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    every option in RR.ini i believe is available as a var so for example if you wanted to run a file that is located inside your skins folder you can use this


    I would use this method if you can, any special files that you are also including with the skin you can stick them either in the skins folder or in the root of RR.
    If they are in the root of RR you dont have to use a var to get the path, just use the folder as the root, for example when i call items from the lstools folder i just do "RUN;LSTOOLS\myfile.exe"
    Nothing wrong with doing it this way, just requires people to copy that folder into the root of RR, in the future i will remove this folder and place it inside the skins folder for simplicity.

    You can also setup paths in ExecTBL.ini as commands or var, doing it as commands is easier cuz your likely allready familiar how they work.
    In void almost nothing is hardcoded into the skin and everything is pulled from ExecTBL.ini
    for example:
    in ExecTBL.ini

    inside the .skin fie i just use

    "MYCOMMAND" as the code for the button

    this is prob the best way to do it so you dont ever have to change the buttons code or screw with the .skin files if you ever want to change what that button does.
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