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    Hey. I'm having an issue with the placement of the iguidance window when it's embedded into RR. Here's a screenshot:

    That's my external_gps skin, iguidance embedded, and the .skin file overlayed for convenience.

    Do you see how the iguidance window is not visible all the way on the left. I have determined that the two last entries in that .skin file control that area, and I figured out how to move the iguidance window, and incorporate more or less of iguidance's window, but only on the right side.

    How do I get those first 20 left-most pixels to show up?

    /, C, x, y, w, h

    I tried setting the "020" above to "000" and all it did was remove the left 20-pixel gray vertical bar, but only revealed the desktop behind, not the missing piece of iguidance. And that was far more annoying.

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    I don't think this is a skin issue.
    What RR exe are you using? I think this issue has been addressed in the IG Native thread.
    Thats all i know as i don't use IG,I hope this helps and i've not missed the point.

    Skip that,i found the answer for you =
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