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New guy trying to make a skin!

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  • New guy trying to make a skin!

    Hi! after looking around for a while, i thought i'd make my own skin. i really want one that will fit my needs without a lot of clutter on the screen. (very minimalistic...) anyway, i'm pretty sure i know how to design this thing, but i'm just confused about the plugins that need to be inserted into this. will the rreditor be able to do everything for me? is there a list of commands that i can run by?

    well, here's a sample of what i came up with. looks kinda like windows vista and it's a bit inspired from it.

    anyways, i'll be working on this for the weeks to come!

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    It has a refreshing new look compared to many of the other skins out there. Some guys go out of thier way to make thier carputer not look like windows, while you are inspired by it. Where do we put our car logos? Or where you not wanting to show any?
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      looks nice

      check out skincommands.txt in your roadrunner directory for a list of commands/labels/lists etc.
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        i might have the car logo on the top right.. and it might be spinning or in the top middle next to the clock.. i've also noticed that the buttons on the bottom might be a bit too big. i'll need to test it out and see how small i can make it so it's 'enough' for even a guy with big fingers to press on so that i can put a few more buttons down there.

        is there a set screen ratio for the video/dvd? i mean, when it's in windowed mode? if it is, i can take out all of the top part and just have the bottom buttons with some play/stop/pause/location bar on the bottom too.