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My first attempt at making a skin

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  • My first attempt at making a skin

    Didn't had much to do at work today so I decided to try my hands on some photoshop. I'm not sure where I'm heading with this (or if I even make this into a skin or not) so bare with me. Any suggestions will be helpful.

    If you think that it looks plain ugly.....then let me know too
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    well, it's a start. you have a lot of open spaces too. i always try to think.. "form follows function" or the other way around. basically, try to jot down what you need and go from there. i know this is kind of in the early stages but, i'd like to suggest maybe a clock and a song bar. maybe even a mute button or something... unless you'd like to have it so u don't see a clock or music when you're on other screens.