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SKIN: MetalBlues - PREVIEW

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  • SKIN: MetalBlues - PREVIEW

    I have completed some work on my new skin and figured I would share what I have.

    I have to thank JohnWPB and Manny for the skin commands from their creations that I have leveraged. I also would like to thank the BMV creator (I believe it is Guino) for the creative inspiration that influenced my screen layout and graphic effects.

    My goal is to create a skin that looks good in my car and suits my needs. I don't use the touchscreen at all (what a waste of money on my part) but I wanted it to be touchscreen friendly where possible. Grey was a must and universal day/night skin is highly desired. I wanted all of the screens available to be on one main menu. If I add more funcionality, it will require an additional menu which this skin will can scale to.

    My vision for this skin has a solid core design but the details is where I have been rather wishy-washy. I think I have settled (for today at least ) on this look.

    If you find interest in this skin, I will be sharing it out soon and I can also make the psd file available.

    More screens to come when I complete them.

    Finally, once again, I would like to thank JohnWPB for raising the bar and setting what I consider a new standard for rr skins.
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      Nice work!