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New Skin: Cyberbug Infill

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  • New Skin: Cyberbug Infill

    Hi all,

    Since time I'm working on a skin for my car, I hope to release it before 2007.
    The artwork is freely inspired to Infillstation T3 software.

    Cyberbug Infill v0.9


    Main Menu (completed 99%)
    -Current time
    -Current date
    -City and Street*
    -Available satellites*
    -Digital and analog smooth flash speedometer*
    -Next turn (if navigating) or heading display*
    -Overspeed indicator
    -Current song name
    -Volume level and mute state
    -CPU temperature**
    -Exit Menu (with timeout)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	main.gif
Views:	1
Size:	85.0 KB
ID:	2300023

    Audio Player (completed 99%)
    -Play status
    -EQ on/off
    -Artist/Album/Song display
    -Current playlist (title/songs/total)
    -File info (total,played time, quality etc.)
    -Volume level in percentage with mute indicator
    -Shuffle/Repeat status
    -Remove selected song from playlist
    -Song searching in the playlist
    -Mode change (shuffle, repeat)
    -File browser

    Click image for larger version

Name:	audio.gif
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Size:	96.5 KB
ID:	2300024
    Click image for larger version

Name:	mixer.gif
Views:	1
Size:	103.7 KB
ID:	2300025

    Playlist (completed 99%)
    -Song amount in the playlist
    -Playlist name
    -Album info/image
    -Clear playlist
    -Remove song from playlist
    -Add album/song to playlist
    -Navigate/go to root (3 sec. pressing)
    -Play selected album

    Click image for larger version

Name:	plist.gif
Views:	1
Size:	70.5 KB
ID:	2300027

    Navigator (completed 99%)
    -Available satellites*
    -City and Street*
    -Current altitude above sea level*
    -Current time
    -ETA (if routing)*
    -ETR (if routing)*
    -Destination menu*
    -Cancel Route*
    -Voice prompts enable/disable*
    -Navigation/Planning mode*
    -Shortest/Quickest route*
    -Add speed camera*
    -Quick save*
    -View Menu*
    -Main Menu*
    -Master mute/unmute

    Click image for larger version

Name:	nav.gif
Views:	1
Size:	82.4 KB
ID:	2300026

    *=works only if navigation software is working (tested: MapMonkey)
    **=works if sensors software is running (need configuration)

    The skin features also:
    -Audio presets
    -DVD player
    -Gamma change
    -RR config program reach

    Not working yet:
    -Rip CD
    -External application selection

    I have also created a MapMonkey skin (modifying an existing one) to work with this skin.

    Special thanks to Guino for creating RoadRunner masterpiece, and to all the community residing here!

    There are still bugs to resolve, I'll ask for help as well on the forum...
    I'm planning to post the skin before new year if somebody is interested.

    Please take a look at the screenshots (low res. gifs) to have an idea.

    I'm not planning to add TV,Radio,Weather support etc. so please don't ask.
    Maybe Phone support, but later...maybe really busy in real life


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    some more screens

    Exit Menu
    Click image for larger version

Name:	exit.gif
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Size:	53.1 KB
ID:	2260909

    Video Player
    Click image for larger version

Name:	video.gif
Views:	1
Size:	146.7 KB
ID:	2260911

    Net Browser
    Click image for larger version

Name:	net.gif
Views:	1
Size:	69.8 KB
ID:	2260910


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      looks great. good job
      04 Accord Coupe Carputer


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        Current Setup

        Nexus 7 Tablet
        Built in head unit
        Brutus 1500Watt Amp
        Two Boston 12" subs

        2006 Infiniti M45 Sport ;) My 4 door Camaro... lol


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          could've picked a better web site other than that cheesy RR page hahaha but nice skin.
          Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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          "The best things in life are always free - but that doesn't mean money can't buy you good things."