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  • screen saver?

    To all the people that are adequate in flash. is it at all possible to make a screen saver that after a time of X with no key strokes come on. I really like the one that CDR has in "RAD". But here is the kicker i'm using a non flash skin that i really like. What i'm looking for is a screen saver that when iGuidance gives a comand for directions it turns off or turns off with a key stroke. Looking for one similar to the one that CDR has done with the albume cover, track time and name. Thanks.

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    no reason the "screensaver" has to be done in flash, you can create a screen with album art etc, setup a command for it and use Menu or Load for the screen , use a Idle timer for the screen and even setup a keyboard shortcut that will turn it on/off. You can also set it up so it only pops up if you are on specific screens so it wont interfere with IG etc. You can set visibility on the screen also if you want it tranparent.

    here is an example of how im doing it.
    The middle area is the "screensaver" area, i also have a visual running in the same area. It only shows up if you are in the audioplayer screen and no activity for 60sec
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      thanks i appreicate the help. let me see what i can get going.