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regarding a 40x4 character lcd and visualizations

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  • regarding a 40x4 character lcd and visualizations

    ive ordered a 40x4 character lcd and i have gotten a hold of a winamp plugin which will output a spectrum analyzer and other id3 info to it. the problem is, winamp considers this character lcd as a visualization, so i have to choose the plugin for this character lcd instead of my normal AVS plugin. anybody know a way to use two visualizations? or a place with software that can control my character lcd? i have found software to do control the lcd and put in winamp info. however the only thing i can find will output only the track info (not artist/album and spectrum analyzer). i know its a weird request, but does anyone have a way around this? thansk

    EDIT: just realized that i posted this in the skins section. oops. sorry. didnt mean to.

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    you be better off using LCD Smartie, got some nifty features and great winamp / system screens... verey configurable check it out, im using it, and i knowseveral others too, they even got their own drivers in the latest versions...

    LCD Smartie


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      thanks, ive already downloaded that, but ill explore some more.


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        umm, yea that uses a winamp plugin too. im beginning to think that a spectrum on the 40x4 is not possible without the plugin. cant i get track info from winamp without running a plugin tho?


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          forgot that...
          there is a winamp plugin that enables you to use several plugins at that same time... dont remeber its name but will do a search for it...

          i know it works, used it earlier...


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            that is exactly what i need. please keep lookin- thanks