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  • "Legacy" skin

    Named because of the car I'm going to use it in... it really has nothing to do with the car other than that. I'm basing the color scheme loosely on Audi/VW interior lighting, specifically designed with both night and day versions. So far this is just a mock-up.

    Also being designed in 640x480 because that's the screen I have. Crappy, I know, but it looks better in my car that way.

    Anyway, here is the beginning of it.

    Day skin:

    Night skin, VW style:

    Night skin, Audi style:

    I can't decide which of those two I like better.
    ~ Joel

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    Wow, the day skin looks really promising. Really dig the oem look, slick and clean.... If you finish this, I would definitly give it a go.

    Keep up the good work ;-)



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      I like the day skin too.
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        I think it looks ok. Not my cup of tea, but more OEM looking than most.

        And I think the blue night skin looks better than the other night skin.
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          Yeah, the idea was to be OEM looking. We'll see how it actually turns out... it's my first attempt so I'm not expecting anything spectacular.
          ~ Joel


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            I got the main audio player working. The volume slider came out looking like crap so I have to redo it but other than that this whole screen is functional. I started here because so far I only have audio functions on the computer. I'll add more as I need to.

            Day skin:

            Night skin:

            Quick explanation of buttons that may not be obvious. On the right side, the "+" button is to add the current song to a favorites list. The "+..." button will add the song to a playlist of your choosing. It's part of my grand music organization scheme... we'll see how it works out.

            The monitor icon on the bottom right will open a popup window to control gamma and choose day/night skin.

            The double CD icon on the bottom left will be a "random album" function... basically when you press it, it turns shuffle off and loads a random full album list from the library. Haven't set that up yet, so it's currently unused.

            More to come soon, hopefully.
            ~ Joel