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  • What to fill the hole with

    Right I've got this far with my main page for my front end but I can't decide what to put in the space on the right, I've tried various logo's but none seem to look right, anyone got any suggestions
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    how about a picture of yourself ?
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      album art. GPS gauge, Speedometer tied to ODB II, Voltage of system gauges. GPS nav map in a round overlay skin. Current playing information. RSS window with various things.
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        How would I go about incorporating the GPS gauge because it's not just an image is it it'll have to be live info, do I just assign a space to it and write in the programing to diplay it at a certain point


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          A nice picture about your car. One photo about your girlfriend (she will like it!), pet, kid, wife
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            One photo about your girlfriend (she will like it!), pet, kid, wife

            In that order too.


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              Originally posted by _SYC_ View Post
              what to fill the hole with?
              First time, eh?

              I have too much time and too little aggravation in my life, so I built a carPC. ;)


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                Originally posted by hithere View Post
                First time, eh?



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                  Very Funny.....


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                    Looks sweet so far. I would try date/time, but that may be a duplicate of something in the car.

                    Maybe you could reduce its size and use it as an explanation box/button, so if you hit it it goes to the next item on the list, and shows what that does.
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