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  • [REL] iGoBMW transparent

    Skin based on the theme of IGo8 and works best if you have the BMW IBUS interface.
    Skin with most used features and big buttons.
    Res: 800x600

    If you don't have the Radio Head Unit you could set Steering Wheel buttons to change PC volume.

    DOWNLOAD RoadRunner skin (3.7MB)

    UPDATED 20/05/08:
    + new IBusRR v2.0.3 plugin
    + new BMW screen x3
    * all gauges shaped for wide screen LCD
    + ibus outside temp on menu screen
    * audio player VIS bigger (click cd case for On/OFF) Note: You need to set VIS to transparent in rrconfig.

    UPDATED 30/04/08:
    + obc screen
    + settings screen
    + iLists on audio player
    + vis on audio player (click left edge of cd case)
    * smaller font on audio player/browser list


    01. Loader
    02. Menu
    03. Menu 2
    04. GPS (external)
    05. Audio Player/browser
    06. Video Player/browser
    07. BMW (iBusRR Plugin)
    08. OBC (gouges & milage plugin)
    09. Web Browser
    10. Weather today/5 day
    11. Pic Viewer (can set as skin background)
    12. Settings (Embed app)
    13. Apps (embed launcher)
    14. Skin Background
    15. OSK
    16. Exit menu


    1. Extract this archive over your Road Runner installation folder.
    2. Make sure you have set the backgrounds path in your rr.ini:
    Example: "backgroundpath=C:\Program Files\Road Runner\backgrounds\"


    1. Road Runner Skin
    2. Backgrounds
    3. iBusRR plugin by WaRFiElD
    4. milage plugin by festy (unfinished)

    MENU 1

    BMW 1/3 (open-close windows / OBD)

    BMW 2/3 (lights)

    GPS EXTERNAL (custom iGo8 800x544 skin

    PNG blank menu
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    Well done !!!
    My second Subaru skin
    Full screenshots second skin
    My car photos

    CarPC Progress
    ■■■■■■■ - 75%


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      Thanks for sharing.
      Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core ATOM
      Lilliput 7" 629GL 2008 LED Backlight
      BU-353 USB GPS Receiver / iGuidance / IGO8
      M2-ATX Power Supply
      RideRunner Front End / Various Skins
      Windows XP SP3


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        Thanks for sharing


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          Sweet dude
          My BMW E46 carpc
          My iGuidance 4 skin
          FS transflective 2008 lilliput


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            links down
            Build Things, it keeps your brain busy.

            AutoPC v1 (Retired) - AutoPC v2 (in progress) -


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                Links back. Thanks for the feedback - a bit of a change from 100 downloads and only 3 comments.


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                  I know tell me how to connect the I-bus adapter usb? I am writing to the forum but have not yet obtained the authorization to have access to information on how to connect everything. You have a diagram on how to connect the steering wheel to carpc commands? You can inviarmelo? Thanks.

                  PS. Your skin is very beautiful and well made but without commands at the wheel ....... You can not raise the volume or more.


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                    When I boot from the menu or 2 PHOTOS and SKIN RoadRunner freezes and cpu goes to 100% usage. Can you tell me how to solve the problem?


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                      wow... beautiful.... I like ur menu screen.. where it displays just about all the informtion u wanna see.. weather, cpu,ram, gps..... and very clean.... This skin is must have for igo users for sure.... Ilist and vis should really be all it needs i think.... More buttons will make it look messy... It is very clean and buttons are large... Great skin for small screen users....

                      Asterix1965 , vol is in the mixer... I think he did it this way so, he doesn't have to have too many buttons at the bottom part.. little incovinient, but looks cleaner...


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                        I saw that the volume is in the mixer but for a continued use is inconvenient. Probably the use of commands to the steering wheel is essential with this skin.


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                          Yup, I use the Head Unit of the car so I leave the PC volume to about 50% and then use the SW to change the HU volume - You can edit ibusrr.ini to change the pc volume.

                          To use the IbusRR plugin you need this:
                          You can connect the [12v / Ground / ibus] cables to:
                          1. The boot, from the cd changer cable:
                          2. Back of HU:


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                            I'm getting a strange menu screen is blank white, I can't see the menu icons or background at all. The only things that are barely visible (translucent like) are the bottom icons such as the CPU usage and the player controls. I unzipped and copied the contents to my installation folder "c:\Program Files\RoadRunner" and also made sure to set the rr.ini to point to the backgrounds folder, "c:\Program Files\RoadRunner\backgrounds".


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                              I think it's because of the different default instalation of Road Runner... used to be a space in the name, eg. "Program Files\Road Runner" now I see the latest install is "Program Files\RoadRunner" ...

                              So if you can't see the background open up the skin.ini file (iGoBMW skin folder) and remove the space from the name.