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How to have your Skin moved to the the Completed Skins Sub-Forum

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  • How to have your Skin moved to the the Completed Skins Sub-Forum

    This is a new sub-forum to move skins that are released, completed and ready for use. Skins are moved to this sub-forum by moderators, and no new threads can be created by users. Replying to the skin thread, once your skin is moved here, it works the way it always has for posting replies ect. When the skin is moved, you can of course still continue to fix bugs, make additions & add features the same as always.

    Note: If you do not have a place to host your skin, there is always the MP3Car downloads section. Even if you have your own solution there is no harm in having a copy there, as it will be one place where many people will look first, before digging through threads, to find a skin they would like to use.

    To have a skin moved to the Completed sub-forum, some requirements are needed:

    • The skin needs to be available with a working link to download it in the first post in the thread.
    • The skin needs to be completed, meaning that standard stuff has been skinned (Main Menu, Audio, Video, ect).
    • Skinners need to list the plugins & features that are supported in the skin. in the first post.
    • A screen capture of the Main menu, plus any other screen shots that you would like to include, but at least one image of what the skin looks like is mandatory in the first post.
    • Not mandatory, but a FAQ, tips on using the skin, skin native resolution and such should be placed in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd post and will prove very helpful for those looking for a skin.
    Example skin release thread here

    If you have a skin, and all the above is completed, simply PM myself or another RR mod (Guino, Mitch, Enforcer, BlueZX3 or myself), with a link to the current location of the skin, and it will be reviewed for the above requirements and moved to the completed sub-forum. If you need another post in the top 1,2 or 3 posts contact one of us, and on a case by case basis, we may be able to help. For instance if your 2nd and 3rd posts in the thread are something "WooHoo I was the first to download it!". This really is not needed, and we may be able to give you the first couple of posts back if they were hijacked

    ! !! !! !!VERY IMPORTANT!! !! !! !!! !! !! !!VERY IMPORTANT!! !! !! !!! !! !! !!VERY IMPORTANT!! !! !! !!

    When you skin is moved to the completed section, you will need to update any and all links to your skin, such as links from your home page, other threads, and in your signature. The old link will remain as a redirect, but it will expire 30 days after the skin has been moved to the completed skins section.
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