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New Skin: Fanatic !

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  • New Skin: Fanatic !

    To coincide with my upgrade from 3.5 inch button controlled skin to a 7 inch touchscreen I have been designing a new skin.

    I've been trying to do something a little bit different but i wont know how good it works until i get it in the car.
    The skin will make extensive use of El camino's exellent overlay plugin

    Dissapearing control menu in the menu screen, accessed by touching the logo and with a dock button
    background cycler button
    One touch shuffle library button, turns shuffle on then loads whole library
    more features to follow.
    I would apprieciate any feedback

    Thanks in advance to El camino for the overlay and Suavecito who's Elite skin has inspired me to try and make a poor attempt something as good. Oh by the way i stole the font from Elite after spending a whole night looking for a font as good.
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    Nice graphics and idea be intresting to see it live

    1 suggestion thou ,, your brightness buttons and shuffle i would of thought to, if no button graphics are going there use a Label exec cmd ,insteads of a button cmd as you can see the button cmd area show through,

    Cmd Label

    also stick a border around your bottom slider like the 1 above so they match better
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      i like everything but the sliders. They appear tacked on Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Label exec, i'll remember that one, thanks. I do plan to have graphics for all the buttons though.

        I have noticed the button outlines alot whilst workin with transparencies and especially as i have irregular shaped buttons
        I have worked out a way to stop the button shadow, it seems to me that the on image is overlayed so as the button is selected the image density increases causing the button shadow, does that make sense?

        In other words if the on image is transparent under the button you will not get the button outline. Makes photoshop more of a battle though !


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            When you look at a skin, the first things your eyes should land on are the buttons and they should be easily recognizable at a glance for what they do. There are too many jagged edges and points in your background, it distracts the user from the buttons. The background should be very simple and rather empty so the buttons stand out more.
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              Kind-a busy in the background.
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                man thats neat... i wish i has SOME of your graphics skills

                im for sure graphically challanged
                eh, i suck at it...

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                  Originally posted by mitchjs View Post
                  man thats neat... i wish i has SOME of your graphics skills

                  im for sure graphically challanged
                  eh, i suck at it...
                  Thanks, i struggle aswell, getting there slowly by following the odd photoshop tutorial !