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Anybody continually changing their own skin?

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  • Anybody continually changing their own skin?

    I tend toward very simple skins with larger buttons. Why? Because my car is a daily driver, no Internet connectivity, I never just sit in the car & play etc. Simple suits my needs. Anyway, I must have written myself 15 or more skins of this type. I produced one that I finally quit changing every few days, so thought I'd post up the main screen (PSD files, etc are all available if someone was really interested). The background displayed is from the Teknik-X skin background folder (my thanks to Valheru), one of the several alternate skins I have loaded up on the machine. And since I gave a little thanks out, there are many, many people on here from whom I have taken ideas, products etc. Wish I could remember and recognize them all, but I hope a simple heartfelt thanks works.

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    Where's the download??
    Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core ATOM
    Lilliput 7" 629GL 2008 LED Backlight
    BU-353 USB GPS Receiver / iGuidance / IGO8
    M2-ATX Power Supply
    RideRunner Front End / Various Skins
    Windows XP SP3


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      The skin itself is in a zip file at

      I haven't packaged up the PSD files but can if there is interest.


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        Better late then never... Just downloaded your skin and sir I love it. Actually this might be the first skin I really like. Unfortunately many skinners out there (even the really good ones) forget one little detail: we don't have styluses as fingers.
        I imagine you have a separate physical volume control, as the one in the skin is buried under sub-menues and the play/pause indicators should be reversed (when music plays the pause indicator should be shown).

        Thanks for sheering.