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  • V3

    New & stretched version of this.

    Screen-shot of the main screen. Well, I don't know how to describe it. I just want a skin that can be used in car, while driving; simple as that. Graphic wise, the main difference from V1 is the ability to change the color. Speaking of witch, is there any plug-in to change the background color (not the file) in RR?
    Also, I don't have the hardware, can you please test the radio files? In the execTBL there is a line where Sirius and XM can be switched: "SATRADIO","SIRIUS".
    Press&hold is used for: delete fav list, recall and add fav list
    In radio skin, up and down buttons are also used for seek up and seek down with press&hold.

    The weird robot head (ahem... cassette tape) button is the archive command for minicam. Press&hold goes to minicam skin.

    Thanks and enjoy!
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