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  • Skin without Name (SWN)

    close this project.
    all i try to get some changes and help in part of more output out of an mp3 file are without any reaction.

    so, be happy with your dfx skin
    and bye for now...a frustrated GF-ler
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    First the new USB Radio Look
    Second the USB Radio Skin within the TUNE function
    Third the HD Radio Skin
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      some examples for starting popups,
      in the bottom line, left sided to the mute button, is the button for starting quick volumencontrol.
      it opend a bigger slider for changing the volume. the value for it would be also showed inside this popup.
      this popup is controlled by a timer, but could stoped before by pressing the speaker symbol.

      in most screens its possible to open the menu buttons by pressing left or right the buttins line.
      this popup is controlled by time and could closed earlier by pressing the black line for TRACKNAME showing.
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        GF-ler, looks nice! Nice job so far.

        Is it possible to add future support for Visteon/Directed HD radio and also support for

        US Fuel prices/Traffic Cams?

        And could you add a Firebird/TA logo to your logo folder,.......Please.

        Thanks a bunch.


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          Originally posted by GF-ler View Post

          Only for German User is a Plug of ENFORCER for Fuel Stations and prices possible.
          Originally posted by RAWPWR View Post
          also support for

          US Fuel prices

          First of all, as I said in other thread, very nice GF-ler.

          Although not sure why fuelprices would only be for Germany.


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            Originally posted by Enforcer View Post
            First of all, as I said in other thread, very nice GF-ler.

            Although not sure why fuelprices would only be for Germany.
            hi enforcer,

            if i had time enough and with your help i will make an english one.
            but at the moment its ready in german.
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              Wonderfull job !


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                  Inside the audio player is a button for help.
                  With it you get the pic of the folder and the pic of the song.

                  Also all elemental informations about the title. Whats missing is the "COMMENT" information of the ID3 tag.

                  A HD radio is in the make, XM and Sirius will not be drawed.
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                    fine looking skin... love that pictogramm

                    "Did you test it in carwings??"

                    Sun, Come shine my way
                    May healing waters bury all my pain
                    Wind, Carry me home
                    The fabric of reality is tearing apart
                    The piece of me that died
                    Will return To live again


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                      what im looking for is an easier way to get the COMMENT and LYRICS out of an MP3 file (ID3 TAG)
                      ive tried it with el caminos ID3 tageditor, but get no chance to install the activewinamp in my windows7 application.
                      also the newest winamp didnt accept this 3rd party plug.

                      this and a second way, one of my picviewer files fix as background skin, i have to make.
                      all other things are ready for a beta version.

                      perhaps anyone has a result for my problems and can give me an example.


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                        I really like that bird logo, nice and big. Thanks for adding this.

                        This will be a very cool skin for sure. I'll be keeping my eye on this one!

                        I hope you can iron out your bugs and get this out for beta soon.

                        Thanks, GF-ler
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                          hi RAWPWR,

                          the time i need for get a good result for the COMMENT and LYRICS function, i use to draw the skin in a second way.
                          the light one is for the day using....and the dark one for night using.

                          only for you i draw a HD Radio skin. its without any signal, while i have no HD radio here.
                          its coded, and i hope its complete.

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                            Nice touch for using day/night skin.

                            Luv the new bird look also.

                            And thanks for the HD radio skin, much appreciated my friend!