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Fm radio on SD! Yes it worked!

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  • Fm radio on SD! Yes it worked!

    Right, i know the title is a big claim, but i did get FM radio working, through SD without any extra application using a USB Fm radio. Reception was fine, even with the car moving at anything up to 80MPH, in an area where reception isnt great.

    I used the Silabs USB Fm radio, with a small modification to connect it to the car aerial. Thats pretty much it! And all from a usb radio that only cost a few $!!! Couldnt get the RDS working, but not too fused about that as a trade off!

    So im pretty pleased! (links to the threads to come below!)

    This details most of the good quality thread info

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    That's great.

    What version of SD are you using?
    Which model of SiLABS device?

    And can you please post some instructions for the rest of us?

    Thank you in advance!!!


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      Im using 1.06.3 (latest version), but the plug in was working on 1.05.x

      As far as version of the Silabs usb, the thread posted above pretty much covers all the bits i did. Small hardware mod to get it to accept the car aerial (no idea what Ohm rating my car aerial is but it works). The thread also has links to .dll files that you place in the SD plugings folder as a radio file. Then head over to SD settings and Radio and just point the settings to your .dll for the silabs card and happy days!

      If i get chance later I will post up the exact copy of the .dll i am using for anyone that wants it, although i think the difficult bit might be getting hold of the silabs usb card, (certainly was over here in the UK, but there are a few US suppliers!)


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        Im glad you got it working, I would never use FM myself but am going to install it just coz its good to know whats happening in the city, deals etc....

        but yahhh nice work