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Songs showing up twice?

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  • Songs showing up twice?

    I looked through the streetdeck threads and didn't find anyone else with this same problem...Sometimes, with specific directories of music (I have my random music by the same artist all saved into one directory inside MyMusic/Index/(artist name)...I choose directories I think it is? And I find that folder and click play all files (doing this all from memory so I can't remember if those are the exact names of the options but you get the gist) and it queues the music into the playlist but a lot of times it'll queue each song twice so it'll end up looking like song 1 / song 1 / song 2 / song 2 / song 3 / song 3 etc on my playlist (of course the songs aren't labeled song 1 and song 2). Am I overlooking something here? Can't figure out why it insists on doing this Thanks!

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    did you clear the music index before you re-indexed?

    If not, I'd go clear the index, then re-index and see if that resolves it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      oh...hrmm i forgot all about clearing the index...i always just cleared the playlist and readded music heh, I'll try clearing the index and reindexing it. thanks!


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        any updates on this?
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