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DVD sound problems

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  • DVD sound problems

    The sound for DVD's is very low compared to the music. It used to work before but Streetdeck went a little crazy, so I reinstalled it and now its acting different. Here's what I know:

    - Slim slot-loading panasonic DVD RW pata with pata to ide to usb converter
    - USB DAC
    - Latest Streetdeck update installed

    1. It used to work!!
    2. I tried 2 different DVD's and its the same low volume
    3. Music is clear and plenty loud at 50% volume. I have to turn it up to 100% just to barely hear DVD's
    4. Reinstalled Streetdeck (deleted all install dirs prior) and still the same
    5. It has to be somewhere but I have no idea what controls this. I didn't have to tweak anything before.

    Any help is appreciated.

    IS300 IBP manual

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    since SD uses wmp, if the dvd is using ac3 or some other codec, you will need to install that I believe. I know with ac3 decoders, I usually have to turn up the volume adjustment under the codec's options.
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      Im actually having that same problem. Never had it before. It's playing the background tracks, but not the dialogue. It's almost as if it's set to play on a 5.1 ch stereo, but isnt playing the left & right channels, just the fill.

      Any ideas which codecs are most compatible? Which work best for everyone else?


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        I didn't go into the codecs and mess with them since I was fed up with the whole system. I ended up rebuilding the OS and reinstalled the drivers located in the FAQ and it went away.

        See if your sound card is doing something strange.

        IS300 IBP manual