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  • Driver problems

    I have Windows Media Center Installed and all went well with install, but I cant get the Video Drivers, touch screen, something called InFill DFU&COM, and Raid Controller to load. Am I doing something wrong? SD wont load as no video drivers? Any Ideas.... I have searched everywhere and attempted to load many drivers to no avail? HELP!!!

    Joel M

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    Progress on drivers

    I now have gotten the raid drivers to load by running the Via 4in1 Hyperon drivers.... Now, when I run the VGA.exe file dl from SD i get " One or more files that are required for installation are either missing oir corrupt, setup will exit"

    What to do next?

    Joel M


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      Movbed to the StreetDeckforum.

      Don't post your hardware driver woes in the Streetdeck FAQ forum. The FAQ forums are for informational posts only.

      You need to help us out with some details.
      I'm going to guess that you've got an Infill T3 unit, yes? Although a T3 wouldn't have WindowsMCE loaded on it...
      Is StreetDeck even supported on WindowsMCE? I know it plays nice with WMP10, but not WMP11.

      1) Why do you need RAID drivers? There is no RAID on the motherboard of the T3, and there is no logical reason to use a RAID setup in a vehicle installation.
      2) What are you trying to accomplish by running VGA.EXE? If you look at the Display control panel, does it list the correct video drivers?

      It would help if you laid out the specs of your system and what you have done in detail. The problems you're experiencing aren't so simple we can simply say "this is your problem and this is how you fix it."
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.