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SD on T3 problems.

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  • SD on T3 problems.

    Got an infill T3 and installed the SD trial. I plan to update to the light version when I get it running properly

    Berofe you all ask why I didn't get the bundle....The reason for this is I did not want to pay the extra for US TTS voices, map data and Windows all of wich I already have.

    So, I have no problems wiht street deck and I have it running fine on my laptop.

    Got the T3, put windows on it, all the T3 drivers and installed SD demo and selected the Infill T3 install.

    I have the following issues...

    TV tuner does not work
    AM/FM Radio does not work
    GPS reciever dose not work
    None of the buttons on the T3 touch panel work (mouse feature works and so do the direction and enter key, but thats it)

    TV Tuner:

    I get "Hardware could not be initialsed error", checked the logs and it tries to load the infill overlay adn then fails. Also I get static when I select the reversing camer, wich points at the only Video device avaiable.

    Should I not have 2 devices, on for the tuner and one for the reversing camer input, or is the revesing camera handled by the screen unit independanly form the PC.

    AM/FM Radio:

    Tryed using the 2 differnt radio hardware options in the Radio settings page. The something radio mouse option does not work at all and the other option works, but nothing can be heared.

    Does the radio use a hardware stream or do I need to select a sound card input? All the audio cables are connected up and I've tryed all the inputs but none work.

    Also is the radio and tv audio handled by the PC or directly but the screen din unit as I'm using a sperate head unit for audio wich is fed by the pc, not the screen.

    GPS reciever:

    There were no drivers for this included on the disc. There is only one com port devices installed and this does not appear to be recieving any GPS data.

    Do I need to install some drivers?

    Other stuff:

    I get the IO.dll error when starting SD for the 1st time after every reboot.
    Does anyone actually have a diagram of all the RCA inputs and outputs and what they do, as I've just guessed what they do based on the limited information printed on the lead itself.

    Also afterinstalling all the drivers that came with the T3, there is still one device listed as not recongized, can't remeber the name of it now. Infill IO or something.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Congrats on your purchase. Let see if I can help you a little.

    go to this location for the drivers


    Now with the Hook-up. What are you hooking up to. i.e. Amp or striaght speakers. That will make a difference. If you are hooking up to a amp as I am you will not use the speaker line outs at all. (Which I believe is why I can only get 2ch sound from the Radio at the momment.. High hopes for the next SD release to fix this)

    This should also Help

    Any other question after all this just ask. I will try and help.
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      Thanks for the links.

      Well I've already downloaded evertything listed. Except the GPS drivers, but I don't think they are the right ones for the Infill GPS reciever, but I'll give it a go tomorrow.

      I've checked the T3 installation instructions and I have it wired up correctly, using my exisiting amp, using only the front left and front right outputs, upmixed to all channels.

      Any more ideas?