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Aspect ratio of videos is wrong, how do I change it?

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  • Aspect ratio of videos is wrong, how do I change it?

    I'm running StreetDeck (version that shipped on the G4), and the aspect ration on videos seems to be off. Playing a 624 x 352 (16:9) video in Media Player shows it fine full screen with very tiny black bars at the top and bottom, but in StreetDeck the same video has black bars down the left and right as if it thought it was a 4:3 video.

    Playing a 384 x 288 (4:3) video is even worse, with bigger black bars on the left and right.

    Checking Display Options, I only have "Restrict the cursor in fullscreen mode" "Hide the cursor in fullscreen mode" and "Automatically switch to night mode when head lights are on"

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    Ok, I found under the Help - Wizards - Performance a setting for normal or widescreen. The videos show up properly if I select Normal, but show the problems described above if set to Widescreen.

    Now for some reason once I changed that setting, videos won't play back smoothly. Streetdeck spikes to 100% usage, and all I get is choppy audio, no video. It takes a good 20 seconds per screen, and I end up just killing the process. This is happening using normal or widescreen setting. If I then relaunch Streetdeck, the video resumes and plays fine, but selecting another one begins the skipping problem again. Restarting the system did not resolve this issue.

    The only added component has been XVid 1.1.2 from . When I initially added it, video performance was fine. It only started acting up after coming back this morning and waking the system back up from hibernate. Again, a restart did not make the issue go away, selecting a new video results in choppy sound playback and no video, no mater what format, including the WMV tutorial included.


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      I'm experiencing this same problem with choppy audio (sometimes no audio) and no video. If I do the same (exit Streetdeck with the video running and restart it), the video resumes and plays perfectly until the next video starts. The only difference I've experienced is that this only affects my newer videos. Videos that use older codecs/formats don't seem affected. All my old videos from about 5 yrs ago work fine. This has only started since I installed the update.

      I've also experienced the video looking funny while one of the videos that can play is minimized in the bottom left corner. It almost looks as if 2 screens are overlaping with one offset to the right. Has anyone had this happen?