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    Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is a Windows-based operating system designed for customers who have older computers running earlier operating systems and who are not in a position to purchase new hardware. This operating system is available only to Microsoft Software Assurance customers and helps you get the most from your older hardware, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership. This Software Assurance benefit provides improvements to security and manageability to reduce the strain on your IT team, improve end-user productivity, and close security gaps.

    Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is based on Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 (SP2), enabling you to upgrade to the security and stability of the Microsoft Windows XP platform. This eases the transition to Windows Vista Enterprise when you eventually replace your computers.

    Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is not a general-purpose operating system. It is designed to work with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client or third-party clients such as the Citrix ICA client. In addition, it allows for a limited number of workloads to be executed locally, including security software, management software, terminal emulation software, document viewers, and the .NET Framework.
    Used disk space: 846 MB
    Total fragmentation: 13% (1 run of defrag takes it to 0%)
    Master file table: 7MB

    Key features
    Consumes by default less RAM than full Windows XP Pro
    Supports most XP applications
    Supports basic networking features
    Supports most XP drivers
    Updates older machines to modern security specs
    Supports DirectX (Installed with Media Support / Direct-X upon OS installation)
    Supports extended peripherals such as mouse, keyboard

    Full decription on the WIKI page:

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    I know it's sweet. I am building my Carputer on this OS now. and Centrafuse..

    I have it all down.. only need to take the CP out of the HUD in my Mazda 6...

    Great going M$ "I hope one day you all join us" and we will Play as one:P
    Carputer Status: 99% :(
    Car: 2005 Mazda 6
    Motherboard: VIA Epia M10000
    Holy Grale
    Power Supply: High Green Powersupply
    GPS: Hicom 204 GPS USB Mouse
    Windows FLP, CentraFuse, on Compact Flash