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Loss of Map "projection" on upgrade 2

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  • Loss of Map "projection" on upgrade 2

    I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Upon upgrade to I have now lost all my mappoint map data. The navigation module loads fine and the street read out line shows the correct street. I have check the GPS aerial and that is working fine as is the extra info in SD (ie speed heading elevation etc).

    Instead of a map all i have is a white background with the arrow in the middle. Everything worked fine under1.0.6.3! I am in europe but wouldnt have thought this would cause any new issues with the upgrade and was wondering anyone can help me, as currently SD 1.0.8 is not much use without the maps!

    (I am running mappoint 2006 and upgraded from, SD is launched using the -forceeurope tag but again this never caused any problems before).

    Hopeing someone can help, if not I will be forced to roll back to the older version...

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    guess not then guys... any thoughts at all as I use SD for satnav often


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      Anyone? Is it something to do with me being in europe? Although I have just tried developer mode on my desktop and europe seems fine, I will try dev mode on my carputer tomorrow and let you knwo, i guess i could uninstall SD completly and then reinstall with a clean version of


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        Right gents did some more investigation and found the following;

        Running 800x600 32bit colour no map projection in normal SD (after full reinstall to If I run it in windowed mode not full screen then map appears. If i then go back to full screen again the map is not drawn and the projection remains white. (This was not an issue in version for me?)

        Also, if running windowed mode, with the map projection correct I up the resolution to 1024x768 then again it disappears to just a white background.

        Strangly at any resolution the map projection works fine in dev mode? Can someone help me as I am getting pretty pi$$ed that I no longer have a map with my sat nav!


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          please use the bug reporting forum for reporting bugs.

          Bugs reported outside of the bug reporting forum are likely to be mixed up with regular posts.
          Jan Bennett
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          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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            this problem is still present. i think it could be related to multi monitor support within SD?