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Does SD use direct x / direct3d?

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  • Does SD use direct x / direct3d?

    I am just trying to work out why with i have lost my map in full screen SD but it works fine if i run it in windowed mode.

    I have updated my graphics drivers on the off chance that would help, but sadly it hasnt changed the problem.

    I am downloading direct x 9 at the moment, but i am not sure if this will help or just clutter up my carpc?

    My carpc uses a sis mirage graphics set, which whilst i know it isnt the best in the world, it is more than up2 in car demands.

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    Disappointly I appear to already be running DX9 and my attempt to update it made no difference.

    I am really getting confused about what is going on. Can someone else post the display settings they are running SD at?

    I am running 800x600, 16bit (if i use 32 I get no SD visable at all but can here my music playing). The map is only visable if i run SD windowed, yet before in version it all worked fine?

    Im pretty confused as to what has been changed in the new version as its not really very helpful to have SD without any navigation.

    Interstingly, for the people that have reported the Map turning into "Lines" at certain times, i think this is related to the same issue. I have been playing with SD windowd, and if i enlarge it to the edge of the screen then the map turns in to random lines with SD at about 3/4 screen size. Anything beyond this then the map disappears totally...


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      Hmm... you mean the navigation actually does any good for you? I was driving an hour-long route today that I know, and the awful GPS (I know it is Microsoft's fault) was literally telling me to take the next exit off the highway and do a complete u-turn, even though it showed the correct destination address on the screen. I've only had success with the GPS in local very short trips. All I get out of the GPS module is the on-screen map, but I usually don't even bother with that because with my G4 it puts such a load on the CPU that volume changes and other input are excessively ignored (and the GPS voice often stutters due to the CPU overload).


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        i get alot out of both the map and SD navigation. over here in the uk it seems to behave itself most of the time, or at least it does when you can see it on screen!