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Calling All T3s Out There!!!

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  • Calling All T3s Out There!!!

    Before i post this as a bug, and if it is it will be more like a Giant Cockroach.... i just installed the newest version of SD and every time i come out of standby or hybernate there is no audio, i see the music timer and the spectrum analyser running but there is no sound, i have to restart SD everytime. In a way i hope its just me because i think my windows installation is kinda messed up and needs to be reinstalled, but given our history with SD and its wonderful developement teams speedy and accurate updating i'd lean towards Giant Cockroach.

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    I have mixed results with the audio...but I am still testing out the latest release. Check my other posts on the forum in regards to the T3. The problem appears to be how SD is interfacing to the tv/radio driver and the via audio deck.

    When you resume from standby/hibernate...try a few of these things and report back. We need to make sure that we all are getting the same results.

    1. Window SD and check all your windows volume levels and the settings in the via audio deck. I always check to make sure that the via audio deck is set for 5.1(as I have f/r/c/sub hooked up). Also check magic 5.1 and audio expander. Test all channels using the via audio deck speaker test.

    2. In SD, when you are having audio problems. Try switching between mp3's and back to radio and vice versa. See what happens. This sometimes gets the audio back.

    3. Adjust the balance and/or fader level control. This sometimes gets the audio back. Caution...the fader slider often pops near the bottom end and sends max volume to your front channel.

    These steps often fixed previous versions, but on this new one I have had better luck with getting all the channels working. I didnt want to post my results yet as I was having intermittent problems with the rear channel now, but the center and sub were working again(they werent previously).
    Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
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      Ok i will give it a try and get back to you... did your centre and sub outputs work before this new release?


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        To be honest I dont know for sure if they worked. When I first got my T3 from benched it and check all the outputs in windows and they worked fine. My initial install in the vehicle only hooked up front and rear channels.

        Right off the get go, I had problems with the Radio not playing through the rear channel when resuming. This problem got fixed during one of the updates, but seems to come back once in a blue moon.

        A few months back I finally got a four channel amp to get my sub and additional stock speakers back up and running. So I am now running 2 front, 2 door, 2 rear, and 1 sub. The front and rear are on the T3 speaker lines. The door speakers are connected to the amp and are connected to the front channel on the T3. The duel coil sub is connected to the amp and I send the center channel to the left and the sub channel to the right. I do this because for some reason the output on SD for the sub already filters the highs out, but it doesnt do this in windows. With having the sub and center connected to the sub, I can moderate the highs that get inputed by the center.

        I tested everything and when I am in windows I get sound out of every channel. When in SD it almost seems random what channels work...with the exception of the front channel that always seems to work. This latest version definitely is an improvement, but I still need to do some more tests.
        Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
        Infill T3 running StreetDeck


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          Hmm looks like I'll be sticking to for longer..


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            Getting the same problems here. Sometimes SD will start and sound is perfect just like it should be then other times It is only comeing out of two or four channels and nothing I do can make it work out of the sub also. Also having the problem that it wants to do a complete shutdown evertime instead of a standby, but that is for another message. Will keep trying if I found anything out will let everyone know.
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              Sorry to say, but I am glad I am not the only one with audio channel problems. I have been told that there are no longer any T3's for the developers to test on so they are relying on our feedback and log results. I already offered to drop mine off at the store or a developers house already to get this issue alone fixed!

              Mytrydoc...I also have the issue with it wanting to shutdown instead of standby/hibernate.
              Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
              Infill T3 running StreetDeck