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    Could you guys help me change the navigation setting to 2nd comes up as the first one....see attached ..I have played around with the settings..don't know whats wrong or is it my graphics card?...I searched around too....using bu gps...and it navigates the route prety good (voice wise) but its always showing me being 2 or 3 streets away
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    Isn't that just zoomed in? Are you running 32 bit color?

    As far as the inaccurate location, sounds like maybe you don't have a strong lock on the satellites. Try adding the SAT DigitalMod and monitor the reception.


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      where can i find the SAT DigitalMod...would this help solve the jittering of the gps location?


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        look at the wiki site for SD. The SAT digimod just gives visual representation of how many satellites your gps can 'see'. It will not fix anything. It sounds like your GPS is not getting a good lock on the satellites or not seeing enough satellites, hence the off positioning.



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          Originally posted by hovalistic View Post
          where can i find the SAT DigitalMod...would this help solve the jittering of the gps location?
          First of all, the SAT DigiMod isn't going to do anything except show you what birds you're locked onto, as well as signal strength.

          second of all, is the GPS jittery when you're stationary or mobile? If it's when you're mobile, it's likely lag time in processing the plotting of the NMEA data due to slower hardware or somesuch.
          If it's when you're stationary, it's normal.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            It looks like your display adapter isn't set to 32 bit
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