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Question for Chuck: EQ for XM audio?

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  • Question for Chuck: EQ for XM audio?


    How difficult would it be to program SD's Equalizer so that it affects the satellite radio audio? The XM audio quality is SO poor compared to when I play music and movies, and it makes it such a buzzkill to switch from mp3's to XM because of the sudden noticeable drop in audio quality. I even have the Optical mod on my XMPCR and the audio quality still stinks (WAY better than regular analog out though).

    If I could just add a little life to it with some highs and mids via EQ, I think it would be much more bearable.
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    XM sound quality is not going to be anywhere near the quality of your music or movies.

    That's not something that an EQ will take care of, that's a known issue with satelite radio and not just within StreetDeck.

    You can make minor adjustments, but you cannot EQ it to the point that it's going to make it any better in all reality.

    The issue is that the sat rad companies only have so much bandwidth to use in the first place. Trying to squeeze in so many channels does nothing but eat up bandwith which means each station gets less and less bandwidth.

    These are not things that can be fixed by an EQ.

    On top of that, because the XM radio does not play through Windows Media Player, the EQ from Windows Media Player won't have any effect on external sources that aren't played through it.
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      I know that the EQ is WMP's EQ. That's why I was asking if there was any way to direct the audio output from the XM unit through the EQ (or any EQ for that matter).

      And for your other points: I am aware that sat. radio will never sound as good as my music/movies. However, my OEM satellite radio going through my OEM pre-carpc system sounded VERY good. Not as good as music, but still MUCH better than what my PCR sounds like. So to imply that we're stuck with crappy sound for sat. radio isn't something I can agree with because I've heard XM radio through the same amp and speakers that I'm using in my car right now, and it sounded MUCH better than it does now.

      I also am aware that EQ won't SOLVE the problem, but it certainly can't make it any worse, and I'm looking for, the very least, slight improvements.

      Perhaps I'll have to run the XM audio only through a soft enhancer in the background.
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        I just upgraded my sound card so that I could adjust the EQ on the Sat radio. The card I used is the Sound Blaster Xtremegamer with an optical Toslink from You won't be able to adjust the EQ from within StreetDeck but Sound Blasters EQ effects the SPDIF/In line. From my experience of buying numerous sound cards, the EQ on most cards doesn't have any effect on the line in.

        What would be cool is you could control the Sound Blaster EQ from within SD.


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          I actually have an SB external card as well (with Toslink in) and I can also affect the Satellite input with the SB EQ. My hope was to be able to control that EQ from SD as well. Maybe a Digimod should be made for control of SB consoles?
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